100% biodegradable disposable nitrile gloves – Providing high levels of dexterity, protection and comfort

  • Featuring unique Eco Best Technology® which ensures the glove fully biodegrades in landfill once disposed of, helping to improve your carbon footprint and protect the environment
  • 1mm thick nitrile feels like a second skin, combined with textured fingertips for grip this allows for enhanced accuracy when carrying out delicate tasks while being comfortable to wear
  • Beaded cuffs enhance strength and help to prevent liquid rollback
  • Latex, silicone and powder-free properties reduce the chance of allergic reactions and contamination
  • Nitrile has intrinsic antistatic properties, making it safer around parts and surfaces sensitive to static or sources of ignition
  • Perfect for a wide range of applications including food handling, work in the pharmaceutical industry or tattooing
  • Chemical resistant to EN374 parts 1 (Type B) and 5
  • Compliant to EN455 (all parts)
  • AQL 1.0 medical grade
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