Rubbergold Powder Free Blue Nitrile Gloves that are far stronger yet thinner than other medical grade gloves, providing unprecedented performance at an affordable price. These are the only disposable gloves manufactured in Europe

  • World-first AQL 0.4 rating surpasses all other gloves currently on the market. AQL is the measure for the quality of gloves, with the industry-standard being AQL 1.5 for medical grade gloves and AQL 0.65 denoting surgical grade
  • Unique pure Nitrile construction provides performance that has to be tried to be believed, with fewer breakages and a far superior feel than other disposable gloves
  • Exceptionally tactile and comfortable to use for long periods of time
  • Innovative and patented waterproof dispenser flow pack reduces waste during transit and ensures gloves will always dispense cuff first, ensuring minimal cross-contamination
  • Microtextured fingers offer improved grip, high sensitivity, and maximum dexterity for delicate and precise tasks
  • Does not contain inferior ‘filler’ materials like most other disposable gloves – resulting in far superior construction and performance
  • Fully automated production with 100% inspection rate provides maximum quality control
  • Rubbergold Powder Free Blue Nitrile Gloves
  • Choose between Small, Medium and Large sizes, in flow packs of 100 gloves. Upgrade to the world’s highest quality disposable gloves, at an affordable price
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