Portable Oxygen Concentrator

While our first priority has always been to improve life with oxygen therapy for patients, the Oxygen concentrator is engineered to deliver a solution for your business demands. It delivers a customer experience for patients that is unmatched by old technology, thus reflecting well on HME Providers.

Portable and Stationary Oxygen Concentrators

Our innovative oxygen concentrators are among the most requested portable oxygen concentrators on the market. Each of our models has been tailored to meet the varying needs of patients; both our portable and stationary concentrators allow you to deliver a variety of supplemental long-term benefits to your oxygen patients.

Oxygen Concentrators System

Non-delivery oxygen technologies (NDOT) like our Portable Oxygen concentrator offer you a powerful mix of clinical, operational, and cost-effectiveness. Couple that with our cutting-edge technology such as Bluetooth connectivity and options such as removable sieve beds to reap additional financial benefits.

  • Our Concentrators are 100% CE certified to prevent reactions to allergies.
  • oxygen concentrators are suitable for lung protection in a wide variety of laboratory tasks.
  • Superior flexibility (comparable to others) and durable device than standards concentrator
  • Continuous flow delivery system Up to 5 liters per minute
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