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  • The GE Logiq Ultrasonic Machine equipment is GE’s General Imaging line of ultrasound systems. The Logiq systems can help you provide ultrasound services across a wide variety of applications, including radiology, vascular, breast, interventional, MSK, and point-of-care. A select few of the Logiq ultrasound systems are also perfect Urology ultrasound systems. GE has many different options when it comes to the Logiq ultrasound family. Read below to learn the differences between the GE Logiq ultrasound systems and learn which one is best for you!

    GE Logiq V2 Ultrasound system

    GE Logiq Ultrasonic Machine GE LOGIQ V-SERIES

    The GE Logiq Ultrasonic Machine GE Logiq V-Series is GE’s budget-level series in the Logiq family, consisting of two portables and one console-based system. All of these systems have 64 channels and do the bare minimum in ultrasound imaging.

    GE LOGIQ V1 & V2

    The GE Logiq V1 & V2 portable ultrasound systems are the most inexpensive ultrasound systems that GE has to offer. They do basic black & white color imaging, each with one probe port. The major difference between the two systems is that the V1 only

    GE Logiq V5 ultrasound system

    does black & white imaging, while the V2 does color imaging. V2’s also come with more accessory compatibility as well.

    GE Logiq Ultrasonic Machine GE LOGIQ V5

    V5’s are the console version of the Logiq V2. With the GE Logiq V5, you can do every ultrasound function that you can do on the V2, except it comes in the form of a console-based system. Other than that, the major difference between the two systems is the Logiq V5 has three probe ports and is not portable, while the V2 has one standard probe port and is a portable system.

  • GE Logiq Ultrasonic Machine
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