Extra-flexible natural rubber latex surgical overglove ensures perfect wearability

  • Designed to create a comfortable feel, softer than standard surgical gloves
  • Extra fingertip sensitivity and dexterity, perfect during surgery
  • Proven to have the lowest glove failure rate, with competing glove types shown to be at least 3.5 times more likely to fail*
  • Liquid resistant and can be used for splash protection against certain chemicals
  • Gloves are tested to be non-pyrogenic which potentially reduces the risk of post-operative complications
  • AQL 0.65 medical grade gloves can be used as splash protection against certain chemicals, including those required for EN374
  • Not suitable for reuse, supplied in sterile wrapped pairs
  • Each pair is sterilised using gamma irradiation and certified to ISO 11737 and EN 556-1
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